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But basically it sounded like this was not an isolated issue.

Legal Change of Name Application

Apparently there was a class action but I havent been able to find anything. Has anyone heard of this before? Or been affected by this? Not just , loads of B.

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Many people I know born from have had nightmares verifying documents when they renew their passports. Holy shit!! How is it so bad?!?! Is it like this in other provinces? I have lived in qc my whole life and I've never heard of shit like this! It's definitely a thing, there is a series of years. Citizenship certificate. Can do this at the same time as changing your gender on your citizenship certificate.

Change of gender marker. If you are planning to change your gender designation on your birth certificate, do that first. BC birth certificate. You now have the option to have your gender marked as X or not to declare your gender.

How Do I Apply For A Canadian Birth Certificate In British Columbia?

Service Canada will add a note to your record indicating your choice. Need proof of Canadian citizenship or immigration status document that shows the same sex gender marker as the one you are requesting.

Until then, you can request an observation be added to your passport or travel document that says your sex gender marker should be X. See permanent resident card link above if unable to attain these documents or if documents are from outside of Canada. Can do this at the same time as changing your name on your Citizenship Certificate. Birth certificates for people born outside BC.

Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage & Divorce

Record of landing or confirmation of permanent residence. Valid temporary resident documents. Incomplete or late documents will delay processing times.

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Health care locations do not issue new birth certificates or replacements. To make a request for a birth certificate or replacement, contact the Vital Statistics Agency's website. This information is also provided to Statistics Canada for inclusion in national level statistics. All Rights Reserved. Who can sign the authorization form? Do I need parental consent if I am a child?

Source Information

What if a patient is incapable of giving consent? How do I obtain a birth certificate or replacement birth records? How do I request copies of records for a deceased patient? How long will it take to receive my records?

How do I obtain a birth certificate or replacement birth records.

How can I inquire about the status of my request? What happens if I don't pick up my record?

What are the costs to obtain my health record? How do I report an error on my health record? What should I remember before leaving the hospital?