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Shipping by airline is not the ideal way to deliver a bird, but as breeders saturate their area with offspring from their birds, eventually the willingness to ship or drive long distances becomes essential to remain in business.

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We depend on these airlines to ship our babies and also to bring new genetic stock to our aviaries. Although more expensive than cargo shipments, a counter to counter service is preferable to most breeders rather than taking an entire day or more of their time to hand-deliver a bird, while other bird s sit at home not receiving their daily care.

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Also, for small breeders who work full time in addition to raising birds - the weekends are the only two days to clean aviaries, make a batch of food, catch up on breeding records, make vet appointments, etc. With hand-feeding schedules it is almost impossible to be away from home for more than five hours.

If you must connect, ask if they have warm rooms to house the birds, or if the bird must sit for a length of time do they have warm rooms. Ship as early in the day as possible, and at the very least make sure there is another flight to the same destination afterwards, per chance the connecting flight is missed.

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Ask the right questions, double check connecting times to make sure the connections won't be missed. ALWAYS obtain flight numbers, departure and arrival times at each stop direct flights are not always available , flight numbers, and a freight bill number.

Call the airlines with the air bill number when the bird should be transferred to the connecting flight.

Parrot Identification - Leg Bands

They know shortly after if the bird is on the plane. You want to know the bird connected. If the weather is cold - block off air hole vents in the carrier with folded newspaper or cardboard. Be sure there is plenty of fruit for the bird to eat for hydration, and plenty of favorite dry foods 2 days worth at least.

For older birds placing a perch low to the floor is less stressful on the bird. For unweaned babies, if the weather is cool, provided shredded paper toweling or similar substrate for chick s to snuggle down into for comfort.


A favorite, travel safe toy is good to include. Tape a small baggie of formula, spoon or syringe, and complete feeding instructions along with your phone number in case the baby does not arrive at its destination on time and requires a hand-feeding. I have shipped and have received several birds via Delta DASH Counter to Counter service - and these birds have never entered a cold, empty warehouse.

The shipper takes them inside the terminal ticket counter not the cargo building - hands them to a Delta representative where they are taken on board by a flight attendant and placed in a presurrized hold. When the plane lands the carrier is hand carried off of the plane and is taken to the Delta office inside the terminal - so the receiver must go to the Delta ticket counter to pick the bird up also.

Shipped a baby 8 weeks old from Tampa to Tex. Called from Texas airport and said baby wasn't on plane. Found baby on his way to L. Opted not to have anyone feed him in L.

Just put him on the next plane back to TX. He arrived 20 hrs after leaving my house. When they called from airport they said he was hungry but you would have thought the bird had been just taken out of his nursery at home.

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Not a ruffled feather. I highly recommend that you call airlines for maximum size of carriers to fit under the seats. The size does vary among the airlines - but the 8" high seems to be a universal maximum. We made the 14" OGPP for med. The bird has a perch available as well as lock down crocks in either position used carrier position or travel cage. The Parrot Palace allows full view of bird by airport security - a bird should never be sent through an x-ray machine. The acrylic panel allows them to make sure nothing suspicious is hiding in the carrier with your bird.

As far as carriers only go - the basic small tan carriers with metal bars or solid tan top do fit under airline seats. Kennel Cab brand models are usually too high to fit under the seat - again - the airline requirements vary. Prices for Js vary depending on subspecies, area of the country, and what is included in the price some breeders include veterinary exams, vaccinations, books, etc. Since you are obviously going to start J shopping there are many questions you should be asking - with price being the last.

Don't forget - parrots are long lived. If the answer is "Oh, I don't want to spoil them," - walk on by. Babies need to be cuddled and stroked every day. When they are really young this is as simple as taking a few minutes after the hand-feeding for some personal cuddling. Ideally, especially for J babies, they are introduced to a variety of people during development, which will help prevent that "one person bond" so many J's are known for.

Some breeders live in the boonies - so perhaps visitors are not the norm.

Still, a breeder should include baby J's in household activities - such as folding laundry in the bedroom, hanging out during television, etc. If babies only see one area of the house until the time they leave, they will not make a transition into a new environment as easily. The answer should never be a concrete age - such as 12 weeks. All babies are individuals and should be weaned according to their own schedule.

A force-weaned baby is a traumatized baby - and this may leads to feather plucking at yrs. We have had babies wean as late as 24 weeks. They don't leave our home until they are eating well on their own, or the new owner is confident and willing to spoonfeed a baby cereal mash recipe provided that we give our babies in the morning and bedtime - when they are almost weaned and eating plenty on their own. The answer should not be "seeds"!

Captive Birds

It should be - a well-researched pelleted diet as a base, with a variety of vegetables, pasta, breads, homemade mashes or commercially premixed foods like Crazy Corn, Max Snax. Fruit is good also - but does not have the vitamin content of vegetables and should not be over emphasized. The answer should be NO.