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Little is known of its early history, but the Recently completed and now wonderful to drive. The brakes are actually quite good for a 9, stopping the car quickly with no fuss Riley RMC roadster, year Black soft top. This very special Riley RMC roadster is a rare and very special car. Currently set up for circuit racing we do have a spares package for Riley 9HP project for sale Good for a racing sport special project or road rally use project. The car is built from a Riley 9 kestrel chassis. All Rights Reserved. Home Latest Free Advert!

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Pre s s s s s s s s s s Subscribe to our newsletter. For sale my beautiful and unique riley , year Sale with private collection oldtimer. I invite buyer to see the car personally in Poland in Wegrow City. It is possible to land on Warsaw — Airport or Warsaw -Airport - Modlin I can arrange to pick you up from warsaw airport. Once a deposit has been paid I can deliver anywhere in the uk for extra cost. But other car makers have gone despite early successes.

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Recessions killed many and bundled others into doomed liaisons. Sydney Allard built almost cars between and , many of them fast, American V8-engined sports cars, although there were plenty of saloons and even a woody wagon. A maker of between-wars, high-quality sports cars in its heyday. It was bought by Rover in , but car production ended two years later, Alvis becoming a military vehicles maker. It was swallowed by BAE Systems in During much of its year life, Austin was a serial maker of tediously dependable family cars.

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But it also produced two landmark designs, both called Austin Seven. The original was an affordable car that put much of this nation on wheels, and its namesake triggered a design revolution for small cars.

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That car was the Mini, the Seven label soon being dropped. The Mini was also available in larger sizes as the and the Like both Austin Sevens, the and near-identical Morris became huge sellers. BMW considered a revival in the late s. Once a supplier of motor cars to royalty, Daimler grew out of the German company but soon built its own models. Poor post-war management induced decline and a Jaguar takeover, its cars eventually becoming badge-engineered derivatives.

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It finally disappeared in Virtually the only Welsh car maker. It went bust in A successful maker of staple family cars, Hillman broke from the pack with its rear-engined, Mini-bashing Imp. Government interference led to the building of a new factory at Linwood, near Glasgow, but the growing pains of this, reliability troubles and strikes not only undermined the rather fine Imp but also dragged the Rootes Group, which owned Hillman, to its knees.

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Chrysler bought Rootes in , Hillman dying in Originally a coachbuilder, Jensen produced its first car in Beautiful American-powered GTs became a speciality, reaching its zenith with the Interceptor and FF, a technical tour de force that combined four-wheel drive and anti-lock braking decades before any Audi.

The financial wall was hit in , a revival flaring briefly in the s before closure in It started with flat twins in but is best remembered for its advanced Javelin saloon, whose body supplies were undermined by worried rivals. Jowett sank in To lose one best-selling marque seems careless.

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To lose two — Austin and Morris — seems downright negligent. Morris started with the highly successful Bullnose in , a post-WW1 price-cutting strategy winning it 51 per cent of the UK market. After an early s stumble, Morris shot back with the hugely successful Morris Eight, planned by Leonard Lord. Lord fell out with William Morris, reappearing as boss of arch-rival Austin, but the two brands merged in to form the mighty British Motor Corporation. The end came in Its follow-up was handsome enough to see Marcos revived in , following a demise.

It finally died in The Bugatti Royale-inspired De Ville and the six-wheeled Six scored major print space, too, as did the ludicrously ambitious Solo. A bit of a bipolar car maker, it made three-wheeled grotesques at one end and the handsome, pioneering Scimitar GTE sports estate at the other, a model serially bought by Princess Anne. The later Scimitar SS1 was an ugly but able sports car.

Reliant petered out in the late s.

Riley was an admired sports model maker through the s and s, but its cars lost their individuality following a acquisition by Morris. All models were badge-engineered Austins by the mids. Rover switched from bicycles to cars in and did well before a wobble in the s. It was re-energised by the Wilks brothers, acquiring a fine pre-war reputation for quality cars. Bought by Leyland in , it was flung into the BL pot and began a slow decline. It died with MG Rover in Highlights during the descent included the brilliant but appallingly made SD1 and the BMW-funded 75 — its best-ever car.

It lives on as Land Rover and, in China, as Roewe. It graduated from bicycles to cars in , and a pre-war Le Mans sports car was its best model. The ugly SM saloon plunged it into the arms of Rootes, where it lived a badge-engineered afterlife until Standard sold inexpensive, unremarkable cars from and is best remembered for its odd faux-American post-war Vanguards.

Standard was dropped in after a Leyland takeover.

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The first British car to win a Grand Prix, in It was part of the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq combine bought by Rootes in , after which it went dormant until Sunbeams became lightly sporting Rootes models, including the pretty Alpine. The name was last used on the miserable unless Lotus-engined Chrysler Sunbeam in An early 20th century Anglo-French enterprise that ended up being paired with and owned by myriad marques.

It went dormant in before its revival by Peugeot on a motley assortment of one-time Chrysler UK and Simca models.

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It was finally snuffed out in , on a van. Despite sizeable success in the s and s with a range of exceptionally pretty sports cars and saloons, Triumph was run down by owner British Leyland, the oddball TR7 being the last car developed in-house. That was followed by the Honda-based travesty that was the Triumph Acclaim. Founded in , it survived for an amazingly long time, considering its precarious existence.

TVR enjoyed a brilliantly creative period under Peter Wheeler from to , but it was run down by new owner Nikolai Smolenski until production ended in A revival attempt is under way. There's a long list of other British car names that are gone and, in some cases, best forgotten. Read Autocar's top best-ever British cars. The Wolseley illuminated badge was superb- curious that idea never caught on with our German friends - Audi could certainly make something suitably arrogant with it.

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