Recorded deaths while using cell phones

To reduce the number of injuries and deaths associated with distracted walking, Utah and New Jersey have experimented with fines for texting in dangerous walking situations.

Previous statistics also pointed to the dangers of driving while using phones

And New York state has lowered speed limits in New York City, in part to make traffic less dangerous for distracted walkers. So we have to design forgiving streets. New York state had to approve lower speed limits for the city, including a new speed limit of 20 mph in Central Park, and a mph speed limit in the rest of the city unless otherwise posted.

The city has also been blocking off more streets to make safer pedestrian plazas. A woman in Queens was killed by a bus in while talking on a phone as she ran across an intersection in downtown Flushing, an area targeted for pedestrian improvements.

Cell phone use responsible for 7,500 road deaths in 2017

Pedestrian injuries reached 78, in , the highest number since , according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. The number of pedestrian deaths, about 4, in , has been increasing since , after falling for several years before that. Some jurisdictions are targeting distracted walking. Fort Lee, New Jersey, used existing jaywalking laws to crack down on people using phones while walking into traffic. The combination of distracted walking and distracted driving is commonly blamed for the recent increase in pedestrian deaths, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, which asked states to comment for a recent report.

Some states differed on the causes — California cited shifting demographics, bringing in new people unfamiliar with traffic patterns, and Nebraska cited warm weather bringing out more pedestrians. Georgia discounted the risk of distracted walking. About one-fourth of all car accident deaths stem from distracted driving.

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Car accidents are the main cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Teenagers have been the most prominent age group to report distracted driving at the time of fatal accidents. Compared to all other age groups, teens ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely to get into fatal car accidents.

Around , drivers use their cell phones while driving during daylight hours. Texting and driving are six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving. Mobile phones. Development Distribution Management Cloud computing. Banking Marketing advertising campaigns Payments contactless donating Ticketing. Bar Flip Phablet Slider Smartwatch. Overuse and relation to mental health BlackBerry thumb Driving safety Electronic waste External power supply Phantom vibration syndrome Radiation and health Recycling. Carrier IQ Use restrictions while driving Legality of recording by civilians Photography and the law Telephone tapping Texting while driving Mobile phones in prison.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ban on all cell phone use handheld and hands-free for novice drivers. Ban on texting for all drivers. House Bill 8 prohibits drivers from using electronic devices with a visual display e. The law does not specify cell phones, though it can be interpreted this way, and is seen as a ban on texting and driving.

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HB was signed into law 11 May and specifically targets "cell phone texting". Anyone that violates this law depending on the circumstances would only be guilty of a misdemeanor and if a driver is in a crash that results in an injury or death, then they would be charged with a felony. For the HB 8, violators are guilty of misdemeanor. If death is caused by violation, violator is guilty of a felony. Need Citation. All drivers, regardless of age or experience, prohibited from sending text messages while driving.

Known as HB or "Paul's Law. A violation of the law is a primary offense, meaning it can be the sole reason for a traffic stop. Use of any handheld device for any purpose other than to report a life-threatening emergency is prohibited.

Also prohibits drivers under 18 and school bus drivers carrying passengers from talking on a cellphone while driving. District of Columbia. First time offenders will have their fines suspended, but only if they submit proof of that they have acquired a hands free device. If a driver is from another jurisdiction and are ticket for a cell phone driving infraction, then they may lose their driver's license if they have failed to pay their Washington D.

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A primary law is when an officer can pull you over for an offense without even having to witness another violation, to say that if an officer see you texting he can issue you a citation. Senate bill SB 52 prohibits drivers in Florida from typing into a virtual keyboard and sending or reading messages.

However, a driver can only be charged for the violation if they are cited for another motor vehicle violation.

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  4. If texting results in a crash, the driver would be assessed six points. Points lead to increased insurance rates. Prohibits writing, sending, or reading any text-based communication, including via internet; also prohibits drivers under 18 with provisional licenses from talking on cell phones while driving. The State of Hawaii does not use a point system, so texting while driving violations will not access any points assessed on a driver's license, and because this penalty is not deemed to be a traffic infraction, it has no effect on one's driving record.

    Anyone who violates this law will be guilty of an infraction and will not result in any violation point counts as it is as prescribed in section , of Idaho Code. Additionally a conviction will not be deemed as a moving traffic violation for the purpose of establishing rates of motor vehicle insurance that is charged by a casualty insurer.

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    Illegal for all drivers to use handheld devices. Only hands-free devices such as speakerphones, Bluetooth, and headsets are permitted. In addition to the ban on using handheld devices, all cell phone use is prohibited while driving in a school zone, in a construction zone, and all cell phone use is prohibited for novice drivers. Texting is prohibited for all drivers in Illinois.

    This is a Primary Law, which means that the driver can receive a ticket for the violation without other traffic violations taking place such as speeding. All drivers prohibited from reading or sending text messages. Drivers under 18 prohibited from using cell phones for any purpose. Adults are banned from text messaging while driving and teens are prohibited from using handheld electronic devices. Illegal for all drivers this includes to report a current or Report current or ongoing illegal activity to law enforcement; to prevent imminent injury to a person or property; or to relay information between transit or for-hire operator and the operator's dispatcher, in which the device is permanently affixed to the motor vehicle.

    Exemptions to the ban includes: 1 A law enforcement officer or emergency service personnel acting within the course and scope of the law enforcement officer's or emergency service personnel's employment; 2 a motor vehicle stopped off the regular traveled portion of the roadway; 3 a person who reads, selects or enters a telephone number or name in a wireless communications device for the purpose of making or receiving a phone call; 4 a person who receives an emergency, traffic or weather alert message; or 5 a person receiving a message related to the operation or navigation of the motor vehicle.

    House Bill prohibits the following: Reading, writing, and sending email or text messages by all drivers when the vehicle is in motion. All cell phone usage by drivers under 18, regardless of license type. Exceptions for emergencies, and for GPS use that does not involve data entry. Warnings until January 1, This applies from the law's effective date. Drivers 18 and over allowed to read, select and enter phone numbers or names in order to make a call.

    Distracted driving fatalities linked to cell phone use laws by state

    Primary enforcement begins Aug. Drivers under 18 years old may not use wireless devices — including cell phones, text-messaging units and computers — while operating motor vehicles Drivers with learner's and intermediate licenses prohibited from using cell phones unless a hands-free device is attached.

    Prohibits writing or sending text messages as well as using handheld cell phones while operating motor vehicle or while in the travel portion of the roadway.

    Terrifying video shows how distracted teens can be while driving

    Prohibits drivers from sending a text or instant message, use of electronic mail, Internet access, and all of the above on electronic devices including phones, laptops, pagers, or other hand-held devices. GPSs are still allowed. Use of a phone is banned to all people under Once 18, a driver can make hands-free or normal calls. Also, the bill requires anyone over 75 to get a driving test every five years and take a vision test.