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The book contains dates of graves to be dug and bells to be rung to toll for the death of someone as he wrote down details. Inscriptions from Lott family burying ground. Hallock Cemetery - Parsnip Pond Rd. Inscriptions - Tilley Cemetery. Marriages at Reformed Dutch Church Swezey Family Cemetery Middle Island.

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Middle Island, Presbyterian Records , Marriages Montauk Point a region comparatively unknown Davis Cemeteries. Hopkins Cemetery. Norton Cemetery. New Amsterdam Baptisms from Early Jews under the Dutch in New Amsterdam. Gardiner Family Cemetery - Northport. Congregational Church Cemetery - Oysterponds , Orient. Terry Burying Ground - Orient. A Bit About Oyster Ponds.

The British at Orient in Graves of those lost at sea buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Patchogue. Petty Cemetery - Port Jefferson. An Look into a Seaport -Port Jefferson. Images of Old Port Jefferson. Description of private and family cemeteries in the borough of Queens Jamica, N. Old Quogue - by Van R. Field Historical Profile of the Hamlet of Quiogue - off site link. Laws Family Cemetery Ridge. Randall Family Cemetery Ridge.

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The Sag Harbor Fires of and Sag Harbor in The War of Sherewog Adam Smith Graveyard at Sherewog. South Haven. South Huntington. Notes on Southampton Graveyards.

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He went to the east end and took an oath of all "men" that chose to remain on Long Island. The census is by town, and lists 2, men, their age, town of residence, and occupation. This pdf is for the town of Southold only. The First Church of Southold. Marriage Records of the Southold Presbyterian Church.

Brookhaven Town Hall Birth Certificate

Stony brook. Suffolk Co, L. Early History of Suffolk County, L. Henry Nicoll. Suffolk County History up to Barber and Henry Howe. The Orville B. This database is an index to a collection of notebooks prepared by Orville Bunnell Ackerly, in which he had transcribed early deeds that had mostly not been recorded at county of town offices. Scattered throughout the notebooks are also some wills, family bible records, and other types of documents. The index contains 14, records. West Hills. Long Island Surnames has been a n active resource for the Long Island family history community since Through the help of hundreds of long time regional researchers we have compiled a searchable database containing over 3,, individuals, 1,, families and , sources all directly connected to the early settlers of Long Island.

It is an unparalleled regional database available for your research.

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R educe your research time and expense by becoming a member. Over three million Long Island ancestors and one million families - in one place - documented and easily searchable - d ownload family Gedcom and pdf reports free, connect with others by by sharing your family information or simply make additions and corrections so others can benefit. Long Island Surname s - over 2 5 years of research is now available to LI researchers in one location - containing over 3 million LI descendants in a searchable database. The papers were not available to microfilm. The missing years are , most of and a few weeks from There are still over 6, names indexed here.

Compiled bt Susan Howell Denny.

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An attempt to revise and continue the historical documentation and research of the New Village, Reeves Howell family to the Tenth Generation. Deaths in Southampton Township between and off site link. Suffolk County New York Probates. Both amateur and professional historians have submitted articles relating to LI history.

Not sure what is in "The Register? There were two prominent Conklin lines of descent in New York State prior to Name variants are numerous but Conklin is the most commonly agreed upon version. The original English spelling did not possess a "g". Deaths and Marriages from the "Suffolk Gazette". Assorted Moriches area resident Obits from abt Interesting Info. LI Wills and Death Notes , Aliens Naturalized in NY George M.

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Easter's Collection of Marriage Records. Baiting Hollow. Block Island. Blue Point. Dix Hills. East Hampton.

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Fishers Island. Glen Cove. Hutchin- son and Justices, D.

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Buckingham, George W. Hopkins, Timothy Ketchum, A. Mills, George T. Osborn, D. Raynor, Charles R.

Smith, and Wm. Weeks at the Clerk's office, on Tuesday, March 3d. Bayles Geo. Osborn Esq. Weeks Esq. In doing this work, the records have been followed in their order as they appear, and the copy has been carefully and diligently compared with the originals, exhibiting the capital letters, the spelling, the abbreviations, the punctua- tion and the OMISSION to punctuate, in fact omitting nothing which seemed to be an authentic part of the records.

The undersigned believe that to all intents and purposes, the present volume is an accurate transcript of the entire records within the dates specified. A few notes have been introduced here and there, which might be useful for reference or explanation. Owing to the greater amount of recorded material of late years, it is possible another volume, equal to or larger than the present one, may be required to include the records down to the year January 6th, Book, Introduction 5 Amendments to Constitution, votes upon, Appeal of Christopher Robinson, alteration of district " " Win.

Bride's Information

Dickerson, ship yard E. Arch, to David Day 80 " Sonney " Capt. John Havens 30 " Hannah, " Wm. Smith, to Geo. District to Sam'l Hopkins.. Robinson from order of. Hallock, S. Hallock, complaint about wharfage " Jonas Smith, west meadow creek, S. Hallock, lease of land to extend " Wm. Darling at Port Jeff. Bay " I. Jones, complaint, obstructions about " Jonas Smith's, Committee to view " Wm.

Jones, head of Drown Meadow Bay 44 information, constructing in Islip, without grant. Robinson to dispose of " " new made Islands in, leased for 5 yrs. Chichester allowed to catch and carry to market 43 " let to Josiah Smith and H. Osborn " " Pelican Island " " Capt.