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The phones that can be tracked are generally smartphones, which run on operating systems such as Android, Windows, Apples, etc. It works just like any other software that one may install on the phone. The Monitoring software , usually through the internet, transmits a signal to a server or another device about its current position.

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This can be accessed by another authorized user, to know about the exact location of the individual. It is one of the most effective ways to know about the location of an individual. At the same time however, there are some limitations to this software. Also to note here is that the software used tend to be both free as well as paid. This is one of the more difficult tricks to pull off, and something which can only be done by professionals.

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It is a bit difficult to explain the entire process, and it is therefore simplified for the sake of understanding. The position of any phone is revealed to a cell phone tower, whenever any signal is transmitted or received. This can however be made more accurate, if the signal is received or transmitted by multiple cell phone towers, so as to get a rough idea of the distance between each tower and the cell phone. Do note that the process is rather slow and cumbersome. Quite often, tools like these are out of limits for most civilians, but are used by law enforcement to track down suspects and law breakers.

In fact, the majority of the times that this strategy is used are by law enforcement and other government agencies, rather than individuals. Given the amount of expertise, technology and coordination it takes, this is something that would be difficult to expect an ordinary citizen to engage in.

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One of the most important is that of legality. Also to be added here is that these laws apply to cell phones as well as other forms of technology such as the internet. If you would like to know more about the exact legal nature of it all, it is a good idea to consult a local lawyer, as they will be familiar with local laws.

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Do note that laws change with jurisdiction, meaning that you will have to check this up with multiple lawyers, if you are intending to engage in any sort of monitoring over multiple jurisdictions. The penalty for any unauthorized access may range from a small fine to imprisonment, depending on the nature of the privacy violation. As a whole, there are certainly ways in which one can go about achieving this task, even if it seems a bit difficult. More than once we have broken the world record in reuniting relatives who have been out of touch for over 80 years. Parents sometimes need to be traced when their children in care have special problems, or perhaps where consent for adoption is sought.

The Salvation Army would usually act on behalf of local authorities in such cases. Contact may have been lost with members of family who emigrated.

The passing of years frequently brings an increasing need to restore a family link. Investigations can often be put in hand where basic general information is available. Sometimes, other matters to do with identity and relationships can also be dealt with, although each request can only be considered on merit. The daily demands of tracing family members are so great that the Family Tracing Service cannot undertake to trace those with whom no formal relationship exists.

In such cases, there are usually no transfers, registrations or reference requests to follow up. The Family Tracing Service cannot, therefore, undertake to look for juveniles. This is recognized as a police responsibility. It should be noted that The Salvation Army cannot as a rule conduct physical searches.

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If a child is believed to be in the company of an adult relative whose full name and date of birth can be provided, it may sometimes be possible to make contact with that person. Whilst the Department has every sympathy with an adopted person seeking the whereabouts of his or her natural parent, due to current UK legislation we are not able to help in this case.

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You would need to contact an Adoption Support Agency. The Family Tracing Service cannot act on behalf of a parent or relative wishing to trace a child who was placed for adoption at some time after birth.

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On adoption, a child is issued with a new birth certificate, showing the names of the adoptive parents, and the new names which they have given to the child. It is not enough simply to know the names by which the child was originally registered, since there is no accessible cross-reference between this entry and an adoption record.

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The service exists only for the purpose of trying to restore family relationships, and to encourage reunion and reconciliation. The service can only carry out searches for known relatives, who might be expected still to be alive. It cannot help with Family Trees, or find out whether the enquirer might have relatives.