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  5. Phone checks on pensioners after they leave hospital can cut readmission rates by almost half.
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    • Various studies have been done on healthcare reform and how it affects readmissions, and one study looked at Massachusetts health reform , specifically. After healthcare reform in the state of Massachusetts, readmission rates unexpectedly increased within the state, and many experts believe this has happened on a larger scale across the United States after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

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      With healthcare reform, patients with private insurance or no insurance at all have been able to access medical care, and in many cases, these patients were unable to afford the care they needed in the past. Individuals with private care may not have had conditions checked out or kept up with routine care for chronic illnesses because of high co-pays or lack of awareness around available preventive services.

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      Uninsured, self-pay patients may have avoided care because of the high cost of care for patients that have no insurance. Once these individuals changed to Medicare, patients were able to access care, and many admissions and readmissions may occur because patients are finally having medical concerns addresses that were not treated in the past.

      Of course, health insurance is only one factor that may be driving hospital readmissions.

      A closer look at all the factors that can affect readmission rates, it becomes clear that hospitals need to improve patient engagement, using strategies that reduce readmissions and improve patient outcomes. Implementing discharge management software that uses psychographic segmentation to personalize patient engagement can reach patients with relevant messages. Topics: Psychographic Segmentation , Patient Engagement , Hospital Readmissions , Digital Patient Engagement , hospital readmission penalties , precision engagement , health outcomes.

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      Switching from Private Insurance or Self-Pay to Medicare Studies done by researchers from the University of Baltimore and the University of Texas at Dallas have found that in patients whose insurance policies changed from private insurance to Medicare, the odds of hospital readmissions went up by 79 percent when compared to those who stayed with private insurance. Why is Health Insurance a Factor? Reducing Readmissions with Patient Engagement Of course, health insurance is only one factor that may be driving hospital readmissions.

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